Top 5 Hacks to Eat
Healthy on a Budget [Nutrition]

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Tip #1: Meal Plan

If eating heathy on a budget doesn’t include meal prepping, then you’ve done something wrong. This is HUGE for saving you time, money, and reducing that “What’s for dinner?” stress. Having food prepared at home will help you save money as it prevents you from eating out. Along with this, meal preparation gives you complete control over ingredients, giving you the ability to selectively shop for groceries. With proper planning, you can prevent making unnecessary food purchases, saving you money, and reducing food waste.

Tip #2: Stock Up on Frozen Foods

Not always the tastiest, but this will make your wallet happy! Stock up on green beans, broccoli, and even butternut squash that boast a freezer life of up to eight months (and for best results, steam, or roast to avoid overly squishy veggies!). Nutritious and affordable!

Tip #3: Budget

Tracking your money can be just like tracking your calories or macros—first you plan, and then you use the plan to make decisions. Let’s say your grocery target this month is $300 and you’ve already spent $250, and you’ve got a week left in the month. Now you know: $50 left for groceries. Don’t adjust, keep it strict! It might not feel impactful in the moment, but if you know you usually spend $300 on groceries, and you’re able to shave off just $50/month, and only spend $300, in a year you’ll have saved yourself $600.

Tip #4: Shop Solo and NOT Hungry

Shopping with kids or spouses in tow can make your grocery bill add up between snacks sneaking into the cart and other random purchases. Whenever possible, go solo, and don’t go hungry!

Tip #5: Bulk Purchasing

Not all stores are created equal. You may be able to save a fair amount by shopping at an Aldi or a Trader Joe’s or a discount warehouse. What if it is just that easy? You’ll never know until you try. Costco is one of our personal favorites as you get an amazing bang for your buck.